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Brew guide


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The AeroPress is one of the most versatile brewers out there, there are as many different AeroPress recipes as there are days in the year. It is also compact and very robust so a great option for travel.

Here is a simple yet effective recipe that we use in the roastery when we're profiling coffees. Enjoy!

  • 15g of coffee
  • 220ml of filtered water
  • AeroPress, with AeroPress paper filter
  • Decanter
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Stirrer


Weigh out your 15g of coffee.

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… and grind it to a consistency like rough sugar.

If you’re using a Wilfa, there is an AeroPress grind setting that works well.

If you’re using a Comandante C40 we find around 20 clicks is perfect.


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Bring your water to the boil and wet your filter paper to make it more porous and get rid of any paper dust.

Put your AeroPress on to your scale.

Remember to tare your scale to zero before you start brewing!

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Pour your grounds in like so (the little funnel is helpful)

If you’ve got a kettle you can set the temperature on, set it to 95°C, if not boil the kettle then open the lid and wait about 30 seconds before using it.


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Start your timer and start your slowly saturating your grounds, aim for the centre of the bed of coffee grounds and stop when fully saturated, ideally use no more than 45g of water to do this. Leave it for 30 seconds, this is process is called blooming.

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Once the 30 seconds is up, add your water in a steady stream, until you hit your 220g desired weight. Give the coffee a stir.

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Once the coffee has been brewing for 1 minute put the cap on to the AeroPress and twist lock it on. Give it a small push to express any trapped air.

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Carefully, place the decanter on top of the AeroPress and then even more carefully invert the brewer and decanter, then press down on the plunger, the pressing should take about 30 seconds.

Your brewing water should have completely drained through the coffee bed by 1 minute and 30 seconds. If it takes much longer you may need to grind your coffee a little coarser.

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Give your brewed coffee a little swirl.

and, most importantly, enjoy!

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