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Brew guide

French Press

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The humble French Press or Cafetière is a great brewer that sometimes gets overlooked. You probably already have one of these in the back of a cupboard, if you want to elevate your French Press experience we recommend investing in an insulated one as they brew a little more consistently.

We've outlined a recipe for a half litre French Press, if yours is a different size divide it's volume by 16.5 to find a good amount of coffee to use. (for example 1 litre would be about 60g)

  • 500ml French Press
  • 30g of coffee
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Spoon


First off, preheat your French Press, make sure you preheat the plunger part as well, this will reduce heat loss when brewing. Discard that water.

Following this, grind your coffee and put it into your French Press.

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If you have a programmable kettle, heat your water to 95° or if not, bring it to the boil then open the lid and leave it for 30 seconds.

Place the French Press on your scale and pour your full 500ml of water onto the grounds.

Give the coffee a stir.

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Gently place the lid on the coffee and leave for 4 minutes. (don’t plunge!)

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Give the coffee another stir after 4 minutes, this will help settle the grounds at the bottom.

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For a cleaner brew scoop the remaining sediment and grounds from the surface of the coffee.

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Gentle and slowly plunge the coffee (don’t press too hard!)

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Pour yourself a damn fine cup of coffee.

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