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Brew guide


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The V60 is a classic way to brew crisp, elegant filter coffee. We prefer using the plastic brewer as there are fewer issues with temperature loss.

If you are using a Comandante C40 grinder we would recommend 25-30 clicks if you are using a Wilfa we would recommend setting your grinder in between AeroPress and filter. Our recipe works to a classic ratio of 60 grams of coffee per litre so can be scaled up or down. As always we would recommend our recipe as a guide so adjusting grind and dose a little to your personal taste is key to enjoying your coffee.

  • 20 grams of coffee
  • 330 ml of filtered water
  • V60 brewer 02, with a Hario 02 paper
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer


Start by boiling a kettle and weighing out your coffee.  Place the filter paper in the brewer and give it a good rinse with boiling water to reduce a paper-like taste in your coffee.

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Press tare on your scales before placing your ground coffee in the brewer.  All grinders will have a bit of retention so it’s good to double check if you need to add a bit more coffee.

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Tap the side of the brewer to level out the coffee.  This is important as a more level bed of coffee will allow for better extraction and a more consistent brew.

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If you have a programmable kettle set it to 95°, if not boil your kettle and then open and wait 30 seconds before pouring.

Gently and slowly pour water to saturate the grounds try to do this using no more than 50g of water. Leave to bloom for 30 seconds.

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Second pour – 150 grams 1:00

Pour slowly in circular motions in the centre of the coffee and pour up to 150 grams try to do this before 1:00.

Then leave for 15 seconds.

Third Pour – 250 grams 1:30

Pour slowly in circular motions in the centre of the coffee and pour up to 250 grams try to do this before 1:30

Then leave for 15 seconds.

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Final Pour – 320 grams end at 2:00

Pour into the centre of the coffee bed for the final pour to reach your target weight of 330 grams.  This can be done quite quickly to aim for a time of 2:00 – 2:15.

The coffee will then draw down and you can give it a swirl to aim for a flat bed of coffee.

All the water should have passed through the coffee by 3:00.

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If the brew is faster than 3:00 then try grinding a little finer.  If your brew is slower than 3:00 try grinding a little coarser.

Always remember to give your brew a stir.

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Serve in your favourite cup and enjoy.

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