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Diego Robelo

Our relationship with Diego Robelo of Aquiares is one of our longest standing.

We’ve been sourcing from Aquiares for 7 years and recently our head roaster Tim Gane visited.

Aquiares is an amazing farm, sitting high on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano. It is also the largest coffee farm in Costa Rica. 80% of its land is dedicated to growing high quality coffee and the remaining 20% is used for conservation. This amazing farm recently achieved carbon neutrality, its coffee plots are interlaced with over a dozen natural streams and almost 20 kilometres in streams, all protected with buffer zones in line with the Rainforest Alliance certification Aquiares has also achieved. 

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The farm has many wonderful advantages, it sits at a high altitude, with all coffee grown between 820 and 1,400 metres above sea level, the volcanic soil is extremely fertile as well as being high in magnesium and potassium, along with the cool night temperatures and high humidity desirable varietals like Caturra, Centroamericano and Esperanza flourish.  Ultimately Aquiares aims to find synergies between environmental health and coffee plant health, seeking long term stability in production. 

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Coffees from Aquiares are characterised by a sweet, fruity and clean profile with a lovely line of minerality synonymous with volcanic soil.

Over the years working with Diego we have tasted many exceptional coffees and we hope to continue expanding our buying from him, plans are in the works to purchase a higher volume lot from him in the future as well as continuing to buy smaller micro lots. 

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