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When we think of ‘origin’, Kelston Round Hill is to us Synonymous.

This lush grassy knoll just outside Bath with its clump of trees and views over Somerset, is not just our namesake, but the backyard of where our roastery was founded. It’s our origin, and it was there that our journey started. That Journey has taken us to distant origins with their own hills, on whose slopes some of the world’s greatest coffees are produced by the world’s best farmers.

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Round Hill Roastery was founded in 2012, back when third wave specialty coffee was still in its infancy. Those first few years were a kind of self discovery, learning the ropes and experimenting. Through that we found our focus, single farm and single estate coffees.

More than that, what we really wanted was to build our business around direct relationships with producers. Ultimately our goal is to link farmers with customers.

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That’s basically the direction we’ve been working in and the direction we intend to keep going in for the foreseeable. It’s why we put the names of farmers and their farms on our bags, it’s why we include information cards with our coffees and why we are working hard to produce blog posts about all of the amazing people we work with.

We’re excited for the future, a future that includes lots more amazing coffee and growing sustainable and transparent relationships with amazing producers along the way.

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