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For us sustainability is a multitude of different things, first and foremost it’s sustainability in terms of farming practices, sustainability of producers we work with, and those relationships. That leads through to environmental impact, that leads through to climate change, making sure our business is running on renewables, making sure our packaging is sustainable and that our business values are sustainable for our customers. Sustainability for us is a holistic set of fundamentals that underpin everything we do. 


This section of the website will be ongoing and developing, a place where we can share what we’re doing to improve and grow. Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do, a core value not only in an environmental sense but also in a fiscal one, our prices are sustainable for us to be able to pay our staff well, are they sustainable for our customers etc. As a company that has recently celebrated its tenth birthday there is a lot we have worked on and achieved that we haven’t written about.


We will be sharing information on how we have worked to make our company more sustainable, changes we have made and those that we plan to make. We’d like for this section to be a sort of working journal of what we’re working on and a transparent look at what we’re trying to achieve. 

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Some of the things we’ve achieved over the last ten years include

• Worked with partner producers for upwards of 5 years

• 100% renewable energy at roastery 

• Fully recyclable bags 

• Zero wastage of roasted coffee

• Started delivering to local wholesale accounts in reusable tubs

Some of the things we plan on doing include: 

• Traceability report 

• Become organic certified 

• Sourcing all coffee from farm


Ultimately the culmination of this work will be a traceability report, a document that we plan to release annually.

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