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Coffee Prices 2022


These are our purchases from Spring 2022 until December 2022

We have released our first extended transparency report for Round Hill Roastery and have taken a closer look at all aspects of the business, from our buying model, to our relationships and a breakdown of our business costs. You can take a look at this report HERE.

We have been working on this piece over the past few years as we strive to be sustainable in business, but also to solidify how we buy coffee and what coffee actually means to us. 

This section will become a yearly report but we wanted to publish our data so far.

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CoffeeOriginPrice Paid to ProducerPrice Paid to Exporter Volume Purchase in KGEstimated release date
Herra GeishaHonduras$55.0062kgAugust
Balesi Dingu NatEthiopia$10.58300kgAugust
Caballero #1 U14Honduras$7.264140kgAugust
AA Riakahara 117Kenya$4.49 per KG$12.10150kgAugust
AA Githembe 070Kenya$4.32 per KG$11.95150kgSeptember
La Linda #3ColombiaCOP 1.98 per 125kg$6.062310kgOn going 
Herra JavaHonduras$17.6180kgSeptember
Caballero La Tina #2Honduras$9.25 per KG690September
Caballero Isabel NatHonduras$9.25 per KG690Sep-Oct
Dhilee RefisaEthiopiaETB 45 /kg cherry$8.49600August
Loma LindaEl Salvador $8.37414August
Zinule #5Uganda$8.07300Sept-Oct
Naginzole #4Uganda$7.72300Sept-Oct
Rungeto Kii ABKenyaTBCTBC300October
Aquiares Centro Red HoneyCosta Rica$9.14900kgSeptember
Aquiares Anaerobic NatCosta Rica$14.65150kgSeptember
Aquiares Yeast CultureCosta Rica$16.0860kgSeptember
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