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You may of noticed our bags have had changed recently. We wanted to explain a bit about why we changed the look of the bags and also answer a few commonly asked questions. Firstly, our bags are widely recyclable.

Which means these bags can be put out with your plastic waste however we cannot guarantee that all local councils will recycle them. We wish we could say that they can be recycled 100% of the time but the reality is, it does depend on the facilities and policies in place in your local area.

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We work with a company called Dutch Pak for our bags, we chose them for a few reasons, one is that they offer carbon neutral production. Which means they compensate the carbon footprint of their coffee bags by reducing emission somewhere else in the world. They focus in particular on projects in coffee growing countries, particularly Kenya and Ethiopia and all of the projects that they invest in are certified Gold Standard.

Also with Dutch Pak we were able to work on a custom bag that was a non-standard size, we realised that most coffee bags on the market have quite a bit of extra space, in the interest of reducing the amount of material used and maintaining freshness it was a good idea to reduce the amount of extra space in the bag.

Perhaps the best thing about these custom bags for us is that they now fit in a standard uk letterbox.

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