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Moo and Two

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The first thing you’re going to get when you turn up is a welcome.

We have been working with Euan and the team at Moo and Two in Frome for many years now.  We sat down in the sunshine over a cold brew and Euan gave us his story from festivals to running a cafe with a strong community.


I took on the business from my predecessor Chris, he’s a very inspirational person and he built this amazing community around the shop. When he decided to move on from it, it was too big and relied upon to just shut it so he asked if I wanted to take it on. If and when I want to move on I’d have to find someone to take it over as well, because it’s bigger than me too. We’ve built that community over the last 10 years, 4 years of Chris running it and myself and my team for the last 6. 

The first thing you’re going to get when you turn up is a welcome, and then you’ll hear the music, we’ve always got music playing, all vinyl, and then you’ve got the coffee, tea, milk, cakes which are all carefully sourced and produced. It’s about that consistency but also about knowing our customers. I’ve got 6 years of peoples drink orders, kids names, work stresses and that’s I think really the key to it, people know they’re going to come in, have genuine conversation, in a nice atmosphere and eat and drink tasty things. The really other really lucky thing that the space has going for it is it’s a real sun trap, we get sun first thing in the morning on one side of the shop and last thing on the other. 

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Before I was running the shop I built a trailer, started doing festivals, and ended up doing 15/ 20 a summer. Which was cool but super intense, it set me up really well for working in a shop. Festivals are so chaotic and intense that anything that a shop can throw at you seems really easy by comparison, I even had a coffee machine explode during a festival because of a big electricity spike. You learn these lessons through things going horribly wrong, one time I had no water because we were set up next to hot tubs that were taking all of the water, so after that I started using tanks and flo-jets so I was more self contained. So basically, yeah, festivals put me in stead to be so prepared for running a shop.

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Playing cricket is something that’s always been a big passion for me and it’s been helpful in balancing my life running the shop. You spend all your time, talking and on show, and at the end of the day you feel a bit like you’ve got nothing left. That shop persona can almost be a bit of a character that you have to create in order to cultivate as progressive and positive an atmosphere as we have here. Something about playing cricket can be a really nice antithesis from that, you know, games last 8 hours and you don’t have to do much for a lot of that. It’s a sport that I joined late and I never thought I’d go into but now I love it and it’s a big part of my life.

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