Aquiares Esperanza

This coffee is one of our favourite anaerobics on the cupping table for both its unique flavour profile and varietal.


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Aquiares Esperanza Aquiares Esperanza

The Esperanza varietal is a hybrid of a Sarchimor and a wild Ethiopia variety that is currently only grown on a handful of farms. The climate in Turrialba is very well suited to growing this new high yielding and leaf rust-resistant variety.

Diego Robelo has two wet mills at Aquiares, one that is specifically for the processing of experimental lots like this. We had a look around it when we visited and it was full of interesting processes that we’d never heard of, some that would make it to export and some that would not pass rigorous quality control. The beauty of farms like Diego’s that have that kind of scale is they have room to experiment and make mistakes. Over the last few years Aquiares has built a reputation for producing amazing naturals and anaerobic naturals.

About this coffee

Almond, Blackberry Jam, Cola
Costa Rica
F1 Esperanza
Anaerobic Natural

Seasonal buying is about seeing coffee as a crop not a commodity, buying in harmony with the growing seasons to enjoy coffee at its best. This kind of buying has always been the backbone of our business and it’s something we’ve improved and refined every year.

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