Jaguara PB

A result of us being so impressed with coffees from Familia Garcia, it’s one that really stood out to us.


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Jaguara PB Jaguara PB

An extended fermentation natural peaberry, we’re really happy to be able to showcase such an interesting microlot that shows how much Brazilian coffee has to offer. Jaguara is the farm and exporting company owned by Natalia & André Luíz Garcia. Predominantly, we buy large volumes of their varietal blend of Yellow Catuai, Acaia, and Mondo Nova, which we use for our Circles coffee. We’ve always been impressed with their ability to produce incredibly high quality coffee at volume, alongside small experimental microlots like this. This particular coffee is a Peaberry, a mutation that means rather than two seeds forming inside of the coffee cherry, one seed develops to become a single, more rounded seed.

The cherries for this coffee were picked at peak ripeness. They were then floated in water to sort for density, with defects floating to the service and ripe beans sinking to the bottom. Following this, the ripe cherries were placed into barrels that were racked and turned for between 72 and 90 hours. Finally, they were dried on patios with frequent raking to achieve an even drying. The dried coffee was then stored in jute sacks for around 18-22 days to stabilise moisture activity, before being taken to the dry mill to be hulled and polished. It is here that the Peaberry beans were separated out using specialised equipment.

About this coffee

Pineapple, Brazil Nut, Dark Chocolate
Minas Gerais
Mixed Peaberry
Extended Fermentation Natural
1040 masl

Seasonal buying is about seeing coffee as a crop not a commodity, buying in harmony with the growing seasons to enjoy coffee at its best. This kind of buying has always been the backbone of our business and it’s something we’ve improved and refined every year.

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