Mogola Java

Delicious Java, a prized varietal, grown by Caballero, one of Honduras’ leading coffee producers.


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Mogola Java Mogola Java

A beautiful washed Java, delicate, floral and complex, with notes of dried fruit and brown sugar. With delicate jasmine-like white florals that shine through clearly thanks to perfect cherries and careful processing. After perfectly ripe cherries have been picked, they are depulped, they are then fermented for 12 hours, using African soaking techniques, then washed and sorted to remove floaters, then soaked for another 12 hours in fresh water. Following this they are carefully dried on raised beds.

This particular Java was grown on Mogola, a farm bought by Marysabel’s father Don Fabio Caballero in 1970 shortly after getting married. A couple of years ago Don Fabio retired and sold his farms to Marysabel and Moises. It was a huge honour and a dream come true for Marysabel to take over stewardship of the farms she grew up on. The varietal java has a long history, originally an Ethiopian landrace that was first cultivated on the island of Java by the Dutch in the early 19th century. It didn’t make its way to Central America until as recently as 1991 when it was brought to Costa Rica. It is a variety that Caballero produces incredibly well, perhaps partially down to it being one of Moises’ favourite varieties.

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Seasonal buying is about seeing coffee as a crop not a commodity, buying in harmony with the growing seasons to enjoy coffee at its best. This kind of buying has always been the backbone of our business and it’s something we’ve improved and refined every year.

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