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12 Month Gift Subscription

12 Month Gift Subscription


Sign up for one of our gift subscriptions and receive 2 x 250 gram bags of coffee each month.  Treat yourself or a friend and receive a discount of.

5% for 3 months

10% for 6 months

15% for 12 months

These plans are prepaid but there is still the option to skip a delivery or alter the delivery frequency.  

- Our highlight subscription offers a chance to try different varieties and processing methods from a number of different countries.  With each delivery, you will receive 2 bags of our chosen coffee of the month.

- Our Seasonal Filter subscription offers our current choice for Unit Fourteen but roasted lighter.

- Unit Fourteen is our house coffee which changes a few times throughout the year

- Galeras Decaf is a delicious coffee that we take every bit as much pride in sourcing and roasting as our caffeinated coffees.

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