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Burtukaana Bombe

Burtukaana Bombe

tasteRose water, Candied Watermelon, Gooseberry
co-opBurtukaana Bombe
altitude1950 - 2150 masl

This coffee was exported by Tariku Kare, a company who own and operate two mills, one in West Arsi and one in Sidamo, this one is from the Sidamo mill. Coffees from this region are commonly referred to as ‘Sidama’ and can offer a unique flavour profile. This particular lot stood out to us on the cupping table as a wonderful example of that ‘Sidama’ profile. It has the full bodied fruit forward profile we associate with naturally processed Ethiopian coffees but with the delicate floral finish of a washed coffee.

As with pretty much all coffee production in Ethiopia the farms are small family owned smallholdings. The farms that Tariku Kare buys from are located at high altitudes, ranging between 1900 and 2150 metres above sea level, which is a key factor to grow G1 (grade one) coffee beans. Tariku Coffee engages in social responsibilities by investing back into their community. Work opportunities are generated for the local citizens, especially women, and social welfare. They employ 20 permanent employees and 600 workers.

This is a new find for us and we are very excited to taste the 2022/3 harvest. We hope to visit Ethiopia at some point this year for a field trip to meet some of the producers and farmers we work with.

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