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Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa #3

Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa #3

taste Tinned Peaches, Melon, Green Tea
varietalWolisho, Kurume
altitude1950 masl


All of us at the roastery have been looking forward to sharing this lot with you. Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa’s name is a combination of the region in which the cherries grow, the mill in which they are processed and the descriptive word Dhilgee. This translates to “bloody red” from the Oromiffa language and is used to describe coffees that typically have red berries, purple fruit, light florals and are overall round and sweet.

This coffee is produced by a collective of 389 farmers from the Nensebo region of West Arsi. Each farmer typically owns 1 - 2 hectares of land which can have anywhere between 1800 and 2400 trees per hectare. Each tree has the potential to produce up to 3kgs of cherries, providing the growing conditions are stable. This past year has seen long rains affecting the area as the result of the changing climate.

Approximately 70% of Nensebo is made up of hills and mountains. West Arsi itself borders the Harenna Forest which is part of the Bale National Park, an area which has just started to see an increase in investment from producers. Micro-stations processing wild forest coffee have been appearing throughout the forest, predominantly in the most remote regions which aren’t accessible by car.

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