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El Eden

El Eden

tasteGreen Apple, Blueberry, Demerara Sugar
associationEl Eden
varietalCaturra, Pache, Bourbon
altitude1550 - 2020 masl

Peru is a country we buy fairly regularly from and this lot is really exceptional. This coffee comes as a result of a new value added communal producer blend concept run by Nordic Approach and is referred to as Fruta Madura, meaning clean, complex washed coffees which have an element of fruity or even sometimes fermented flavours only adding to the complexity of the cup.

Here we have a lot grown by a group of 10-15 producers with around 1-3 hectares of land each surrounding the village of Eden in northern Peru. This region is one of the highest coffee producing areas in the country, growing mostly, but not limited to: Caturra, Catuai, Pache, Typica and Bourbon varieties. All smallholders involved in this producer blend concept are members of a coffee quality program and are all organically certified as well as being involved in a program called Solidario which provides in depth training on farm practices and post harvest production.

This coffee underwent washed processing, the cherries were picked then floated and sorted to remove any overripe and defective cherries before being mechanically de-pulped and dried. The parchment is then rinsed and the quality inspected before being blended and bagged up. Focussing on improving processing and drying methods has boosted the quality of the coffee produced in the past few years.

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