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El Mirador

El Mirador

tasteRaspberry, Milk Chocolate, Prune
producerWilder Lasso
processAnaerobic Washed
altitude1900 - 1950 masl

Here we have another delicious offering from Cofinet (a Colombian coffee import company) this time a washed anaerobic Tabi from Huila, Colombia. Wilder Lasso was born and raised in San Adolfo, a town south of Cali on the western side of the country. Wilder grew up in a traditional coffee farming family but decided that he wanted to become a vet so left the family home to follow this dream. This all changed after a visit home to San Adolfo where he realised how much his family were financially struggling with the farm. It was at this moment he decided to move back to the family home and help on the farm. On his return Wilder and the rest of the family made the move their focus to growing more exotic varieties with specialty coffee in mind.

This specific lot comprises a single coffee variety, Tabi, which is perfect for the altitudes of San Adolfo. Huila is known for its perfect coffee growing conditions, high altitudes and temperatures that rarely drop below 15°C and rise above 28°C make it ideal conditions for cultivating coffee.

We’re really pleased to have been able to secure this coffee for our Round Hill Box subscribers, offering a complex and fruity, but balanced, flavour profile.

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