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Herrera Java

Herrera Java

tasteHoneysuckle, Lychee, Oolong Tea
altitude1600 masl

The Caballero coffees are named after Marysabel Caballero, although it is in actuality a partnership between Marysabel and her husband Moises Herrera. This particular lot takes its name from Moises. Marysabel and Moises are very focused on sustainable practices of both farming and milling. Everything they do is documented, and they invest considerable time and resources in new equipment, techniques and planting of new varietals. A lot of their energy is spent improving soil health and making sure the environments on their farm are healthy and diverse.

Their successes in producing high quality specialty coffee have not only given them a strong reputation, they have done a lot to improve the reputation of Honduran coffee on the whole. Java is a varietal taken originally from Ethiopia and spread along the island of Java, Cameroon. It has a large elongated shape and is famed for its superior cup quality when grown at higher altitude. Marysabel and Moises are producers we buy a lot of coffee from, largely for our house coffee Unit 14, it is always exciting to be able to also buy these exciting micro lots.

Marysabel and Moises came to visit us in the Roastery back in June, it was wonderful to spend time with them as we have now been buying their coffee for 5 years. We hope you enjoy this very special and complex coffee as much as we do.

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