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La Cinta

La Cinta

tasteBlackberry, Vanilla, Orange Zest
producerNolberto Olaya
varietalTabi, Caturra
altitude1700 masl

La Cinta is a farm located in the hills of Planadas municipality, Tolima which is in Central Colombia. The hills in the region are ideal for growing coffee as they sit across a large range of altitudes which allows for harvesting throughout the year, benefiting farms which are mostly smallholder owned.

Nolberto Olaya’s farm, La Cinta, uses predominantly organic practices such as recycling and reusing on-site materials to produce fertilisers, quality boosters and immunity shields for his plants as most of the crops he grows aren’t very hardy or disease resistant. Nolberto used to be a member of the local organic producers association for Planadas but left in 2018 so that he could be more in control of production on his farm and diversify operations. This move was really positive for the farm, allowing new opportunities, improving transparency and providing better returns for the crop he produces. Nolberto has since started aiding others in the community in transitioning to organic production.

This particular lot was washed and processed on the farm, the cherries were sorted in floatation tanks and were then fermented in tanks for 24 hours before being pulped and undergoing anaerobic fermentation for 100 hours. Drying the cherries lasted between 20 and 25 days.

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