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Seasonal Filter Subscription

Seasonal Filter Subscription

tasteAlmond, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar
varietalCastillo, Colombia, Caturra
altitude1800 masl

Changing in line with the seasons, our seasonal filter brings coffee to your door when it is fresh and in season, by focusing on washed coffees and lighter roasting we are able to express a sense of terroir. For this subscription we focus on coffees with that flavour profile we are always chasing of milk chocolate, caramelised nuts and berries.

Our Current coffee is

We’ve been buying La Linda for just over 2 years now and we love that we’re able to source such a delicious coffee at volumes that can last the duration of the year. La Linda is a blend that is produced by a group of small estates in the region of Antioquia, located not far from the farm La Claudina where we bought our previous Unit Fourteen espresso.

La Linda is the name given to a project between a small group of producers in Bolivar, Colombia. This collective is lead by Juan Saldarriaga who owns two farms in the area and has been exporting coffee grown by other producers in the region for a little while now. This partnership between importer, exporter and roaster has allowed those producers to access a wider market than they have done before. This new approach has allowed us to buy much more directly and better impact the wider coffee community of Bolivar. We will hopefully be out to visit Juan and the rest of his team along with our friends at Nordic Approach in November during the main harvesting time for Colombia.

This is a washed coffee that was hand picked, pulped and fermented over the course of one or two days. Fermentation solely relies on the temperature, the hotter the tanks are, the quicker the reaction. Once fermented, the cherries are sorted and then dried in a parabolic dryer for 10 - 18 days until ideal moisture content is reached.

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