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The Round Hill Box 6 Month Gift Subscription

The Round Hill Box 6 Month Gift Subscription


Every month we will bring you two brand new, truly exceptional coffees. If you are looking for a really exciting and diverse selection of excellent coffees, this is the one for you.

Bringing together bright and vibrant coffees from producers that we work closely with, always in line with the changing seasons. This box is an opportunity for us to share our most exciting micro-lots, never repeating a coffee within a calendar year.

Box 008 will include

Juan Rafael Montera Gamboa - Las Truchas - Washed - Costa Rica

Tio Juan Micromill is a family project, started in 2015 by Juan Rafael Montera Gamboa to improve the quality of coffee from his family farm, Monteroga. The leap in quality since the building of the mill is astounding but the farm and the work of Juan was amazing even before that. His approach has always been to work in harmony with nature, working carefully to maintain the habitat and ecosystem that he shares with so many large and small organisms.

Luis Jiménez Padilla - La Isla - Red Honey - Costa Rica

La Isla is owned by Luis Jiménez Padilla, he purchased the farm and wet mill in 2017, in Naranjo, the same city where his Grandfather purchased his first coffee farm back in 1930. The name means ‘The Island’ and was dubbed that due to its location between two rivers, additionally it is known for being somewhat of a fertile haven for coffee growing.


Billing and shipping:

This is a Gift / Prepaid box. You will be billed once and receive 6 boxes each shipped a the beginning of each month.

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