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Wbeimar Lasso

Wbeimar Lasso

tasteHazelnut, Chocolate Truffle, Clotted Cream
producerWbeimar Lasso
altitude1900 - 1950 masl

This is the first coffee we’ve bought from Wbeimar Lasso, we all fell in love with it when we cupped it. This lot from Lasso is 100% Tabi, a hybrid of Timor hybrid, Bourbon and Typica. First cultivated in 2002, this relatively new coffee was hybridised to be resistant to leaf rust. Tabi also produces high quality cups thanks to its two parents Bourbon and Typica.

Wbeimar is an agro-industrial engineer who shares a lifelong passion for coffee with his wife Juliana. After years of hard work they were able to buy their farm Las Terrazas in Pitalito, Huila. There they began exploring and learning about specialty coffee in order to produce the best quality coffees. Wbeimar and Juliana have been able to help other coffee farmers in the local community, sharing their knowledge and experience to help improve the yield, quality and flavour of their coffee. In 2009 Wbeimar won the National Cup Tasters championship, an achievement that highlighted his passion and talent.

The cherries from this micro-lot were carefully picked, floated and sorted by hand to ensure only the cherries that fit the ripeness criteria were selected. They were then fermented underwater for 30 hours before being pulped, gently washed then dried in temperature controlled conditions.

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