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Delicious, seasonal coffees sourced from farmers we work closely with, our subscriptions offer consistent quality straight to your door. We have ten years of experience sourcing high quality specialty coffee from around the world and roasting it here in Somerset. 

  • Letter box friendly packaging so you don’t need to be in
  • Easily adjust order frequency with weekly, fortnightly and monthly options. 
  • Pause, skip or cancel your ongoing subscription at any time, no contracts or lock-ins.
  • Gift subscriptions for the coffee lover in your life
  • Prepaid subscriptions if you’d like to pay up front for a bit more of a saving 
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Our Options


Each month we select a coffee that we’re enjoying, our highlight subscription offers a chance to try different varieties and processing methods from a number of different countries.  You can clearly see what the chosen coffee of the month and the one chosen for the upcoming month too should you wish to pause or adjust the frequency.  


Unit Fourteen

Unit Fourteen is our house coffee and like any good house coffee it is consistently and reliably delicious, whether black or with milk. Unit Fourteen is a single origin coffee chosen in line with the growing seasons from coffee producers we’ve built strong relationships with. This coffee is profiled for making espresso based drinks but we also love it as a stronger, more full bodied filter coffee. A great choice if you like your filter with a splash of milk. 


Seasonal Filter 

Changing in line with the seasons, our seasonal filter brings coffee to your door when it is fresh and in season, by focusing on washed coffees and lighter roasting we are able to express a sense of terroir. For this subscription we focus on coffees with that flavour profile we are always chasing of milk chocolate, caramelised nuts and berries. 


Galeras Decaf

A delicious coffee that we take every bit as much pride in sourcing and roasting as our caffeinated coffees. This particular coffee is from Nariño in Colombia, it is rich, smooth and has notes of milk chocolate, apple and caramel. 



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