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We start every day at Round Hill by brewing a batch of filter coffee with the Moccamaster. One of the things we really like about it is that it is great for homes, offices and cafes alike. The KBG Select is perfect if you want to brew a pot of coffee for two and the CDT Grand is perfect if you want to make a batch brew for your morning rush. The consistency in quality means the Moccamaster will quickly be respected as the best barista in most cafés. Also they are much more elegant looking than your average batch brewer and look great on the bar.

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The best hand grinder on the market and possibly the best grinder of any kind when it comes to clarity, it is the grinder we use in the roastery to quality grade all of our filter coffees and the grinder we take with us when we go to visit producers. Made in a small town outside Munich with every part from the crank, to the handle to the burr designed in house it is a good investment for anyone who wants to improve their coffee brewing. As a chef needs a good knife, a coffee brewer needs a good grinder.

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We have worked with Mahlkönig since the roastery was set up, the EK43 is the backbone of the roastery in terms of quality, we use it not only for cupping but also for the majority of our espresso.

Mahlkönig translates as grinder king and these grinders certainly have a strong claim to the throne. An EK43 sitting with pride of place on the bar is as good a symbol as any that a coffee shop means business. The EK43 offers remarkably even grind size and thus very high extraction, it is a great grinder for filter and espresso which is a claim very few grinders can make.

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Kees Van Der Western

Kees Van Der Western are a relatively small family owned business and the level of personalised service and customisation is great. We also think that’s reflected in the styling of the machines, they have personality and style. The build quality is incredibly strong as they are designed by engineers and as a result the maintenance and servicing is really easy. To put it simply, they look better, work better and last longer than other machines.

It is worth noting that whether it’s making a dozen coffees a day at the roastery or several hundred a day at London Coffee Festival it is incredibly consistent.  They are machines that are synonymous with quality and the right choice if you want to make a statement that your coffee shop is serious about making coffee as well as it can be made.

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