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    At Round Hill we respect our coffee's journey from farm to cup.  Our coffee arrives as green beans - the farmer's finished product - and we are careful to preserve and compliment the hard work already put into each bean.

    Our aim is to source the best seasonal harvests, only selecting small lots from independent growers. We roast to highlight the dynamic flavours naturally found within our coffees.


    We test-roast each coffee and allow it to rest. It is then brewed in a variety of ways to ensure maximum flavour and quality. Origin, variety and process are all key factors in determining each coffee’s individual roast profile – with taste the central focus of everything we do. We focus on each coffee’s unique character and roast to highlight its dynamic flavours and sweetness.

    Pink bags are for roasted for espresso brewing.
    Blue bags are roasted for filter brewing.


    In 2012 Eddie Twitchett the founder of Round Hill Roastery was a rather enthusiastic home brewer, dreaming of one day roasting coffee.  While working in hospitality in Bath, every break would be spent sampling coffee in one of the many great shops in the city.  During this time the dream started to become reality.  Starting out in a small industrial building no bigger than a garage Eddie was roasting and selling for the Bath farmers market every week.  Quickly the business grew and Round Hill gained it's first wholesale partners.  Round Hill is now a small team and we have moved to a larger roastery but we keep that individual and personal feeling.  We are working more closely with the farmers we have built relationships with over the years, taking time to make visits to the farms to further our education and to also to source new coffees.


    Round Hill Roastery Team

    The Round Hill Roastery Team