Join us on our journey to make every coffee cup count: From farm to roastery to your mug, sustainability drives us.

The heart of our mission. We believe in more than just exceptional coffee; we’re here to make a difference. From ethical farming practices to renewable energy and waste reduction, our focus is holistic, aiming to link every sip you take to a positive impact on the planet.

Our story starts at the very roots – working closely with farmers who share our values. This mutual respect powers our goal to create a cycle of sustainability that doesn't just stop at the farm gates. It extends to our 100% renewable energy-powered roastery, and it's reflected in the fully recyclable bags that keep our beans fresh.

We like to call this space a 'working journal' of our sustainability efforts. Over the last decade, we’ve achieved quite a bit, like switching to renewable energy, zero wastage of roasted coffee, and delivering locally in reusable tubs. And we're not stopping there.

Transparency matters to us, which is why we're working on an annual Traceability Report. This document will lay bare our sustainability efforts and give you a complete understanding of the journey your coffee takes – from farm to your cup.

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword here; it's our guiding star. From bean to bag, we’re committed to making coffee that's good for the world.

Seasonal Coffee Sourcing

We treat coffee as a crop, not a commodity. Our commitment to seasonal buying ensures you're sipping coffee at its peak freshness and flavor. This approach poses unique challenges, like having multiple coffees from a single origin, but it's these challenges that drive us to continuously refine our craft. Just like a chef's seasonal menu, our roasting highlights the natural flavors and terroir of each bean, offering you a unique coffee experience each time.