Discover the craft behind your cup: Our journey from Kelston Round Hill to your morning brew

Welcome to the heart of Round Hill Roastery! Rooted in the scenic hills of Kelston, our journey took off with a simple mission: to bring you the world's best coffee, sourced directly from incredible farmers.

Founded in 2012, Round Hill Roastery embarked on a journey through the world of specialty coffee at a time when the third wave was still in its infancy. From the start, we committed ourselves to understanding single-farm and single-estate coffees. Those formative years were about learning, fine-tuning, and most importantly, discovering our ultimate mission: to bring out the extraordinary in every coffee bean.

We believe in more than just exceptional coffee; it's also about celebrating the incredible people and lands that make each cup possible.

It's never been just about coffee; it's about the people behind each cup. We built our business with a focus on direct relationships with coffee producers. Each bag of coffee that leaves our roastery has the name of the farm and an info card about the producer. This is our way to shorten the distance between the farmer and you, making each sip a shared journey.

Seasonality is key to understanding the nuances of coffee. Each farm, crop, and environment adds a unique character to the bean. We align our roasting process with the growing seasons to bring you the freshest and most flavorful coffee. Think of it as enjoying a seasonal fruit; it's all about catching it at its prime.

Quality isn't something we're willing to compromise on. We use cutting-edge equipment and adhere to stringent quality controls. We understand that a lot of hard work has gone into each coffee bean before it even reaches our roastery. Our role is to enhance and celebrate those unique attributes.

We believe in an ever-evolving approach. Innovation is a constant in our roastery, from redefining roasting profiles to continuously improving the brew. We offer different profiles for filter and espresso, each designed to bring out the best aspects of the coffee. It's our way of ensuring that no matter how you enjoy your coffee, it’s going to be a remarkable experience.