Through excellent coffee we connect our ‘origin’ Kelston Round Hill to world class farms around the world.

Through careful sourcing, that is equitable, relational and sustainable we consistently buy exceptional coffee and through our experience in roasting and quality control we make sure that coffee tastes amazing every time.

Round Hill Roastery began in 2012 in the early days of speciality coffee. Since the beginning we have strived to deliver seasonal, traceable coffees. Our founder, Eddie Twitchett took his experience from working in seasonally led restaurants and applied it to coffee. After all coffee is a fruit, and like other fruits, tastes best when it’s fresh and in season!

Speciality coffee simply means coffee that scores above 80 points when assessed by a professional taster. For us speciality coffee means more than that, it means buying coffee in a way that isn’t anonymous, and in a way that is fair

We work in a way that ensures the people who grow the trees, harvest the cherries and process them as well as the people that mill, export and import the coffee all make a fair margin for their work and are seen and celebrated.

Working Seasonally and working with the same key producers year on year means you can taste your way through the seasons, with beautiful Peruvian coffees arriving in the early Winter to East African coffees in the late summer. The arrival of a new season comes with it’s own exciting flavours and stories.

Quality is very important to us, and something we won’t compromise on. From our roasting equipment to our stringent quality controls, we understand the work that has gone into the excellent quality of green coffee we bring into the roastery and how important it is to maintain and amplify the qualities and characteristics by roasting well.

We offer different profiles for filter and espresso, each designed to highlight the coffee best for that extraction method. We have a diligent quality control protocol and as a team are always tasting and refining our coffees to ensure that no matter how you enjoy your coffee, it’s going to be a remarkable experience.