One year of Collaboration: The start of a journey with new friends.

We have always bought coffees from Brazil, but in the past we bought small volumes and microlots, it was only in our 10th year (2022) of business that we started looking for a producer to work on a slightly larger scale

Left Joanne Berry of Nordic Approach local producers in the middle and Natalia Garcia on the right.

We wanted to buy coffee relationally, committing to our purchases ahead of time and ensuring buying that worked throughout our supply chain, ensuring that everyone had financial stability; the farmer, our import partners, (Nordic Approach) our wholesale partners and of course us.

Family Garcia own and operate 75 hectares of coffee farm in Campo Das Vertentes a region in Southern Minas, Brazil. Very much at the helm of the business are Natalia & André Luiz Garcia, a wonderful warm and intelligent couple who hosted our Sales Manager, Ben Kelloway, when he visited in 2023. We intend to visit as much as possible to keep the working relationship as transparent, clear and fair as possible, as a bonus it is a beautiful place to visit!

The decision to work with Natalia & André Luiz Garcia was an easy one.

The family is focused on improving the living conditions of all workers and their families and are concerned about sustainability, using technologies that cause low impacts on the environment. They have adapted practices to include changes such as the use of organic matter to revitalise the coffee plantation, reducing the use of agrochemicals. Over time, the green areas were expanded, with insulation and planting trees along the springs on the farm.