Copenhagen: World of Coffee

At the end of this month a few of the team will be heading to Copenhagen for World of Coffee, we’re pretty excited to be heading there and popping up on a few stands at the festival. Over the course of the four day festival you can find us brewing coffee and hanging out with hand grinder of champions; Comandante, the best coffee scale company; Acaia, specialty importer giants; Ally, and finally Dutch Pack who make all of our packaging from Claude to Circles.

Round Hill Roastery Copenhagen

So all that to say, at the end of June at World of Coffee Copenhagen, we’ll be soft launching Round Hill Copenhagen! The details are still to be worked out, we haven’t found the perfect space for the new roastery yet but we’re well on our way and hoping to launch next year. But in any case the hope is that we can once again be a business that is international in its focus, connecting with our friends and colleagues around Europe and beyond. If you’re going to be at World of Coffee then please do come say hi!

Specialty Coffee; An International Industry

Coffee is a global industry, we buy a lot of coffee from South and Central America as well as East Africa and recently some parts of Asia, our main import partner Nordic Approach is (as the name suggests) based in Oslo, Norway and on top of that a lot of our customers, friends and collaborators are based all around the world. When the UK left the single market continuing to supply our EU customers has become extremely difficult with delays and tariffs becoming the norm. This left many customers deciding to work with roasters within the EU. In terms of the coffee industry Europe is a really big market, in fact it’s the biggest, accounting for 31% of coffee consumed globally! We want to grow as a company, and re-entering this big market is one effective way we can do so, it allows us to increase our purchase volumes more quickly and that helps not only us but also the coffee producers we work with as they’ll be able to rely on us to purchase more of their coffee for good prices.

If you’re in Copenhagen for World of Coffee, please do come and have a coffee with us or maybe a beer. We’re a little nervous about the new venture but really excited, and we couldn’t do any of this without the continued support of our amazing customers. So thank you!