Comandante Burr Care Fluid

Keep your Comandante grinder in tip top condition with this burrr care set.


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Comandante Burr Care Fluid Comandante Burr Care Fluid

This steel care kit is specifically designed to maintain and clean your Comandante Nitro Blade grinder.

Apply a small amount of oil to the cloth and rub onto the intended steel surface. Use our #5 brush to clean the steel surface and remove oxidative residue. Wipe away any excess with the cloth. For maximum effect, only use on a dry steel surface. Caution! Do not use the Burr Care Fluid or Brush #5 on any wooden parts!

Product specifications

1x Glass bottle with 30ml Burr Care Oil
Soft cotton cloth (natural cotton)
Brush #5 (natural wood, stainless steel bristles)
Serial No

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